Lance: Evil humans

Evolution Attacked the evils.

" He seems to know who is the enemy." I said to Hiedi behind cover I grab my gun and shot three of them in the head their heads explodind being vaporised. The Hiedi threw her knife . Evolution ultimatly finished the battle though.

I Put the gun back in it holster.

" You didn't let me chop some heads Evolution." I siad joking tapping the blade

The robo just stared at me

" No sense of humor. What a shame. To bad you can't meet some of the Robots I've met believe some came from timelines more advanced than yours. They acted like you in battle but outside of battle. Perfect companion." I said

If the robot could have human expression I'm sure it would have scowled.

" Don't bother I read its file it came from a timeline that exterminated the human race. It doesn't like us Lance." Hiedi said with her dagger in hand.

"That's no fun." I said . continueing to walk don the road. I kept checking my shoulder to make sure that the robot didn't do anything funny.  It may have killed humans in its timeline but this human me. Wasn't completly human either as I touched the connecting socket for a robotic arm there was more to me robotically than an arm. 

Half an hour later I found a shop. The shop had the arm I was looking for. It was strong more indestructable than the last and also came with a plasma fun atatchment.

" Fun I said walking out of the shop. With My light blade in hands.

The End

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