Evolution; Irritated

"Robot, you want to come along?  And do you have a name?"


Humans are such irritating creatures.  It is no wonder my creators destroyed them.  And though I am their greatest design yet, I am alone, so I can not kill all the humans by myself.  At once anyway.  If I can find a factory and sufficient resources.... perhaps...

Oh look, humans with weapons... I am positively terrified...  I can't believe I actually allowed myself to be used this way.  I suppose I should open fire.

I stopped in the middle of the road, raised my plasma cannons, and fired.  The humans returned fire, but they had weak weapons, apparently weaker than the ones my creators were attacked with.  They couldn't even penetrate my energy shield.

The humans I was traveling with ducked into cover and tried to find where the enemies were.

I engaged my "camouflage", and "stealthily" crept up to the building where the enemy was.  I say "stealthily" because metal on concrete is not exactly quiet.  I scaled the side of the building, and approached the few remaining enemies with my dual swords...

The End

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