Lance: Robot.

As I walk down the halls to meet the science team I see them bringing a robot which was armed to teeth. I wondered if it had teeth.  The gaurd Detail arrived shortly afterwards.One of the scientist made a comment about my arm.

" Shut it you. I could beat you sensless with only one arm. Be happy I don't have two too beat you dead." I said , " The Robots a new addition papers."

A scientist fumbeled his computer board as he printed the proof that the robot was cleared.

" Okay all hope you understands what happening here Because I don't care to explain it." I said hopping through the  space terminal bringing me to the strange fast stablelizing time line. 

I apear at where I was fighting before but the place was messed up its like someone had put me into a illusion some buildings where in the sky and some of the roads lead to a holes of non existant space. 

" So this is a rapid stabilization looks like. messed up. Hiedi appear besied me with the rest of the scientist. 

" Hey Hiedi time to find a place that sell or makes robotic arms. Robot do you want to join us, and whats your name"

" Evolution." Evolution said with some sort of electronic voice

"Okay to finda robotic shop." I say to Hiedi

The End

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