System Reboot Initiated...

Weapons and Defenses... Operational at 95.8% efficiency

Sensory inputs... Operational at 80% efficiency

Movement servos... Operational at 99.6% efficiency

Memory core... Offline... Attempting to reestablish connection

Memory Core... Severely damaged.  Last known mission... <ERROR>

I looked around the room I was in.  There were several creature running around, looking at displays.  I attempted to move, but I was being held in place by some very strong bonds.  I applied 750 pounds of force to attempt to break free.  The creatures turned around to look at me, and froe as they saw me attempting to break their very simple bonds.

One of the creatures approached me, I had now identified them as humans, a dead race in the universe... How could they possibly...

"What the... you were deactivated..."

I interrupted him, "My designation is Evolution.  I demand to know how you are alive.  Humans were eradicated centuries ago by my creators."

"We have always been here.  Time lines are colliding and moving people- well, I guess your not a person- between universes.  You are from a time line that recently collided with another, which is how you are here."

"What have you done to me," I asked, "My memory core is damaged.  You will repair what you have damaged, and then you will release me."

"I am a scientist.  You were deactivated, and we were trying to learn from your technology."

I readied my plasma cannons and said, "Tampering with the systems of a battle droid requires immediate death."

The head scientist replied, "We have not tampered with your systems, it is because of Mystery that you are damaged."

"Where is this creature so that I may destroy it?"  I began compiling information into a file in my rather empty memory core.

"She is in a different plane.  I will release you if you will not try to kill us."

A second scientist asked' "Um, sir, is that really such a good idea?"

"Maybe not, but it is my decision to make."  The head scientist released the bonds holding me.

"I will not kill you, even though it would be extremely pleasurable to do so."  I calculated it would take me approximately 5 seconds to break free, target the 7 scientists, and remove their pitiful existence with my plasma cannons.

The End

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