Lance: The timeline stabilized

" Lieutenant Lance, Repot to command bureau now." All the coms said.

" I wonder what it is that they want from me?" I said putting my gun back in my jacket. 

I head to the command bureau and report in with my left handed salute.

The brigadier general walks from his office and motions me to his office. 

" Lance the timelines have stabilized this is the fastest ever seen. We are sending you down along with a science team , A squad of fully trained gaurds, and one other person of your choosing. Your mission is to get yourself another arm. Then report back to the science team and protect them on their science project."  He quickly briefed me.

" Yes sir." I replied

I hate babysitting science teams because usually they like to be in the place with the most heat, and asks us to lay our lives down for their silly expirement.  I went to go find where Hiedi went. She probably the best choice to go down back to place.

The End

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