Mystère: They Never Get Away

"GAAAAHHH!!!" My screams rang through my chamber, tickling the silence until it broke, shattered rather. It ran through the cavern like children, playing off every rock and echoing ten times louder forwards. Seeping through cracks in the walls until it reached Lucifer's sleeping quarters. He bolted from his bed, following the eerie yells until he came to my chamber.

"Mistress!" he cried, coming to my shaking figure as I stood over my small Fountain, the Fountain of Death. My hands searched frantically, swirling the cool water into whirlpools and little waves. His figure was no where, and I couldn't feel the feeling I knew so well as a fresh death.

"Where is he!?" I cried, turning to Lucifer. He took my in his arms as I cried. I couldn't survive without death, and I'd never had one escape me, unless it was on purpose. I composed my self as much as I could and retreated from Lucifer's arms, leaving my room and going to the Grand Hall. I went to the pond in the center, willing it to show me the soldier with the robotic arm. the water wavered, swirled then stood stark still. I saw the picture flicker onto the pond. He had a gun in his hand, his real hand, and he was shooting at targets. He should be groveling in a hospital bed! Screaming again I sank to the floor.

This one wasn't going to get away, I made myself that promise.

The End

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