Lance: Don't get me wrong just plasma weapons

After I pulled out her ancient knife I whipped out my new modeled submachine plasma gun or XR34S .

" Just perfer my modern weapon." I said taking it the other section, blasting the target in three shots. 

" Don't get me wrong your dagger is useful. Just doesn't give me the same satisfaction as my enemy blown to bits from a few shots." I said setting a new setting on the gun for less energy usage and more accuray with my teeth.

" You know I never though I would loose a robotic arm in battle. They seem so indestructible I've seen that arm take direct plasma fire and still function." I said trying to sound like i'm not complaining.

" Stop complaining already Lance."

I mumbled a few non existing words under my breath taking the best aim I could with the gun in my one hand. I aimed for the dummys head.  The gun made a small electric like purr on there was a hole in the targets head.

" I have to say I would rather go into battle with a Light - Blade above all weapons they don't run out of energy. They can't be lost , they only thing that can happen to them is break." I said 

" Their unwieldly , and involve close combat. Making a greater chance of death." Hiedi replied coldly. 

" True. Just such an honorable weapon in my opinion." I said. taking another shot at the new target.  



The End

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