Lance: In the fight bits of my memories.

" I wasn't told anything as usual." Hiedi said

" No I wasn't told much either. I also lost bits of memory in down there when the collision happened. Mystere was there as well. I said still angry I chopped the dummy in half with my blade.

"I will be going back done there when timelines stabelizea and I will get another robotic arm. Do you want to come. You don't have to answer now. I will ask agian  when the timelines stabilize." I continued on slashing more dummies down. The giant blade wasn't exactly great in my left handed it also. 

" Why are they so secretive?" Hiedi asks

" Because Hiedi we're soldiers we do what they tell us to and we die fighting for them. If they give us all the information and we get tortured  we would be giving battle plans away." I explained which was a bit of insult to her because she was smarter than any normal soldier. 

" I more than a soldier!" She told me loudly.

" Yes you are just not in their eyes." I said chopping a head off a new dummy. I sheathed the blade.

" Want to do target practice.?" I asked

" I guess." She mumbeled.

The ship was extensive the halls  had honeycomb plate like structure walls wich could take extensive damage. The supports that where every 10 meters where arches.  The ship was a shielder it wasn't any good in space battle but was good a transporting , and was nimble and could take more damage than any other ship in the stars.  We're nearing the target room. 

" So my squad died what of yours?" I asked Hiedi

The End

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