Heidi: Lance

I was walking around the ship, my boots making short, defined clips on the ground. No one noticed me, as I looked rather normal. Though tall, for being a young woman, most of the people here were men. I went to find a friend of mine, having heard his arm was... fried. And he was in the gym, training his other arm.

"Lance?" I asked, walking into the gym.

"Yeah, Heidi?" he said. I spotted him.

"You're arm looks fried." I remarked.

"Humor?" he asked. "Well, now I guess you'de be more even with me in a knife-throw."

I snorted. "I could beat you hands-down even before that happened. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi."

"And see me completely disabled."

"Yeah, whatever." I said. "So, what's up, besides your new... disability? What's up with that new collision? I wasn't told anything about it. As usual."

The End

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