Lance: Your arm.

" So getting to your physical damage." The guy who i found to be doctor Belltof continued , " Your extremly lucky to have survived a direct attack from Mystere. The only thing we weren't able to fix was your arm the technology is ancient to us." 

So thats why my arm wasn't responding I just thought the power pack fell out. 

" We would replace it with our own technology unfortunetly it doesn't work in normal space." The doctor continued on.

" Will I be able to make it back to where you picked me up for a repair?" I asked

" No your time line is fusing with another timeline. Your going to have to wait a week or two atleast till the timelines become stable."  He explained.

" Look I can't do anything without my right arm. I'm useless without it." I said in dismay , " Can I take a look at it?"

the doctor finally released the restraints I looked at my crumpled robotic arm the servos , Hydraulic pumps , electricity storage and onboard processors where fried. I needed a new arm it  was beyond repair. Hmm Let me try this I said taking it apart and tried to repair the parts seperatly with magic. It didn't work  the parts only repaired then returned to there previous state.

" What the!" I said in frusteration.

" Thats one of the many effects of mystere what she destroys can never be repaired" The doctor half laughed at my ignorance.  

" What a cheap bastard." I said

" No there no such thing as cheap in war Lance." The doctor remarked.

" Won't mystere come here?" I ask 

" She can't go into our space niether can the rest of evil, And we can't enter your space. Luckily for you can enter both most can't though because of certian genes can't handle the dimesnional shift." The doctor explianed , " I suggest you train with your left arm so when you go back to your timeline for a new arm you should be battle worthy."

The End

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