Mystère: Into the Night

My laugh seeped through the rough caves as I watched the poor soldier trying to inspire his men. Oh, if he only knew! How could he be so nieve!?

"Lucifer, fetch me my robes, I think I'd like to take a walk outside, look at the stars perhaps," I said. I watched as my servant shuddered, my voice flowing over him to engulf him in an overwhelming feeling of one thing. To obey me. I just, had that affect on people.

"Yes, my lady," he scurried off, his red tail hanging behind him.

I, am Mystère. The greatest mystery of Evil. My servant, is Lucifer, or as the pathetic humans call him, El Diablo, The Devil. He is almost not worthy of his post as my servant, he has never been very evil. I'm thinking of hiring a new one, but he has served me for many years.

Once I am outside, I breath in the hellish night air. It is so sweet and calm outside. The stars shine brightly in the sky, and I can the moon shining bright. My long and bright red hair hangs down my back, ending between my hips. My skin is extremely pale, and my nails are long and sharpened to points. I smile at the sky, baring two rows of pointy teeth. You do not want to fight me, I promise. Stretching, I rub my violet eyes and resign back into my cave to my chamber, hoping to have a good nights rest filled with plenty of nightmares.

"Sweet 'mares," says Lucifer as I pass.

"Same to you," I reply, smiling a smile that not even a mother could love.

And Good Night and sweet 'mares to you, foolish Soldier, fighting for good. Do you not know Evil trumps all? No one can solve the mystery of Evil. No one can beat, Mystère.

The End

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