Lance: Collision

The enemy was at the wall firing plasma missiles at the shield.

" Sir we are at our final crutch. We Either retreat now or die fighting." I reported to My Captian above my eye was a scratch that would not stop bleading covering my right side of my face in blood.  

" We die fighting Lance get our warriors prepared for last and finest battle." The captian said trying to spark what little hope of living was left in me. 

" Yes sir." I replied  

I organised what left of our squad that was able to wield a weapon and tried to inspire them. In their eye I could see despair , and Death.

" Why did you join this mans army?!" I yelled

" To protect and save our families! Sir!" Was what most of them said.

" Do you think these people will treat your Families any different from us?!"  I ask

For a moment the squad thought about it they shuddered at the thought then replace the thought with anger.

" Thats right they rape and kill them. You have one option now to protect them fight until you last breath, heart beat , thought!" I said inspiring a bravery only seen in a person when pushed to their last resort. 

" For our families!" One of them yelled. 

At that very moment the shield around our tower collapsed  the walls fell collapsed and out of the smoke came the most  horrible looking being ever modified humans to fight for whatever cuase evil wanted.  I draw my Light - Blade and charge into the smoke defending my homeland even if it ment my body was to be crushed to oblivion.  

Then it all freezes momentarily everthing froze. Plasma shots stopped in their deadly trajectories. Then this faint hum started it got louder and louder then. 

BOOM , CRASH ,BANG. Everthing begins to move agian in the sky a  bright light begins to blind everything then like everything I live in shattered. 

What was happening as my body felt wieghtless it was dark.

I didn't think I went unconciosse but then This ligh came and I was laying on bed.

" A survivor from the first collision  has awoken!"  I hear a voice yell.

" What happened?" I asked groggily.

" Its hard to explian or believe but times come to a stop mate." They guy comes back into the room

" What then???" He cut me short

" We are no longer in normal space. Look it really complicated to explain. But I can tell you this I can't help your space your going to have to with others." He explianed

" What this makes no sense." I say quietly

" Its a lot to to take in I know." The guy says.

The End

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