Time is not continuouse niether is it a cycle in the form of circle but like like a blackhole. The closer you get to time the more smaller and shredded up it gets. If you live in the circle time so fast to from the point of view of earh its like 1 millionth of second . But an anomaly occures evil corrupts the blackhole bringing time to a stop and to collide into what was the dense center of the time hole we live in. If ever time line collides everything we know will be destroyed. Theres a way to

It took evil so long to corrupt the center of time. It worked from the begining of time to destory it.  For the uncountable eon of time evil has experienced it finally reached its goal. Now It had at least on the earthern time line of 1 millionth of second to stop time. Impossible some would say. Not for evil It had worked so long to hard to fail. It touched the core of time and it all began to stop and shatter. Time no longer had effect on anything. But because times spinning it kept the timelines from colliding. But not timelines where colliding and the only way to stop it was to vanquish an destroy evil. Is that possible? You'll find out in the content of this story.


The End

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