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Everything was sort of tense when everyone finally came together. It also seemed that everyone who had been chosen had a friend who had also been chosen. Tammie clutched my hand tightly under the table where it was hidden which was odd that we were still keeping up this secrecy. 

I guess habits were hard to shake. Maybe we shouldn't shake them either. We could be rescued any second. People could be looking for us. Well.... the word 'but' was big in my mind. There were so many reasons people wouldn't look for us.

Helena had already spoken to me and Tammie. She was a very strong minded and opinionated person that had frowned at Tammie's dressed while seemed approving off my new fighter gear. I must admit the clothing was nice. It hugged my body just enough to be comfortable but was also loose enough to provide free movement I had learned when tumbling through the woods outside.

Helena had begun in chat with a guy called Jasper who had just arrived then two other people walked in. The girl looked terrified and almost hid behind this other guy who seemed very well collected. Jasper and Helena had gone silent with this new arrival and Tammie had tightened her grip on my hand.

"Well, you're all here" a very familiar voice said. Sat on the tables around Romulus were six angels, one being Felix. I was guessing these were all the mentors. "One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six. Yes, you're all here good"

"Why are we here?" the boy who had just come in asked outright.

Helena straightened in her seat leaning forward on her elbows. "Yeah, why?" she said seeming very interested in getting an answer. 

Me, while I wanted to know what was going on was happy sitting aside. These people hadn't been here as long as me and Tammie. They hadn't gone through even one training session yet.

Romulus laughed and then settled back to perch on the edge of a table. "You are here for the rebellion. I picked you because you want to rebel. You just don't know it.

Anyway, moving on to business. You will all be trained. In what is what I have decided for you"

"The Blade" Felix said looking at me.

"The Healer" another said indicating Tammie who tensed next to me her hands wrapping around my arms in a grip.

"The Rat" said another of the six. This rat was the boy whose name I still did not know.

"The Getaway" added another again indicating Helena.

"The Lock" it moved onto this Jasper who fiddled with his hands as he was spoken to.

"Then The Tech" said the last person to the very back. This would be the unknown girl it seemed.

"For now that is all you need to know till I think you are ready for your next mission. Eat well and sleep" Romulus said loudly before striding out the room the six mentors following him out.

"Well, shit" stated the nameless boy who slumped into a chair.

He sort of summed up the whole problem there.

The End

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