I woke up in a bed and room that did not look familiar at all to me. It almost looked like a hospital room. I thought to myself how those pills must have really messed me up enough that I was in the hospital. All along the walls were cubicles similar to mine, but they were all empty. When a woman walked in with dark skin and hair and what looked like fighting gear though, I knew then that I wasn’t where I thought I was. She smiled at me and spoke, “So I see you are awake now,” her voice was very smooth and controlled, “I was worried my friend had given you far too much. How are you feeling?”

“Who are you? And where’s my shit?” I sat up in the bed, “Are you the police? Did you search my bag? It isn’t mine I swear-“

“Oh I see you are feeling quite curious. So many questions. Relax Jasper Thorn. I am not the police, but I am something much more important to you. My first name is Selena and you don’t need to know my last. I am here to train you.”

“Train me? In what?”

“We have yet to decide whether or not to disclose that information to you. Meanwhile I have a feeling you might be hungry perhaps?”

I felt my stomach growling at that moment as if the mention of food finally brought it to my attention. She heard the growling and laughed, “I will direct you to the dining area. It will give you some time to get to know the others as well.”


“Your stuff is sitting on the chair in the corner over there. Follow me.”

I picked my stuff up and did as she told. We walked through a couple of very plain hallways until Selena led me to what was likely to be a dining room for there was a long table with many chairs surrounding it. There were three women in the room and I was shocked by who was sitting in one of the seats, “It’s…it’s you!”

The girl whipped her head around to look at me. It was Helena, “Jasper? What are you doing here?”

“I should ask you the same question,” I took a seat beside her, “I don’t even know what I’m here for. I don’t even know where we are. I took one bad pill and now I’m here.”

“A cloaked figure asked me to go with him and when I declined he stabbed me with a needle. Woke up here.”

“Well, at least they’re feeding us. That’s some positive.”

My words were cut off though by the arrival of two other people. I looked around this interesting group of teenagers. We were all angels, that much was true. But the real question was why were we all here? 

The End

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