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When Felix finally agreed to let me rest I was exhausted, hungry and dehydrated. He looked up at the sky. "The other recruits should be here by now" Felix commented handing me a bottle of water before heading back towards the cave.

"So we're done?" I questioned struggling against my aching muscles to get to my feet.

"For now" Felix smirked in a way that told me he was teasing me. I shook my head at him and moved slowly back into the base being led along by Felix to where I'd be resting. Tammie was already there and rushed over to me the moment I stepped in. The weight of her falling into me for a hug almost caused me to topple over.

Tammie notice my pain and stepped back. "Are you okay?" she asked worriedly.

"I'm exhausted" I laughed moving to one of the two spare beds right at the end and flopping onto it. Each bed was blocked off by a wooden makeshift wall. Tammie perched on the edge of my bed which is when I noticed her hair bolting up. "What happened to your hair?"

"I had to have it chopped off" she mutters. "It got in the way"

She glanced at my braid and passed her fingers over it. "I loved your hair" I muttered passing my fingers through hers and finding it disturbing when the hair ended at her shoulders.

"I know" she said and glanced over her shoulder. "They brought those four back only a short while ago. Two girls and two boys"

"Yeah, well, I need food and sleep. Shall we go find the kitchen?"

"I already did" Tammie smiled. "Come on"

The End

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