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When I woke up from my painkiller-induced sleep I glanced at my watch to see that I had slept through an entire day and it was already 9 o’clock at night. I sighed and pulled myself out of bed and dragged myself into the shower. I tried making myself as presentable as possible before taking two more Vicodin and tossing them into my pack along with my camera, some film, and the weed I had in safe keeping in my house. A big rule to dealing is to never take everything you have out in one night in case you have people like I did the other night.

I knew better than to go to that same club as before. So instead of “Halo” I instead went for a human club instead, where the pay was worse but I was less likely to be punched in the face. The bruises were a disgusting yellow now, but they were hardly noticeable under the glow of club lights. The club was so fascinating to me, with all the bodies so close together on the dance floor that when I stood on a balcony I couldn’t help but take a couple photos. The strobe lights made the photos do even more bizarre things.

I quickly began selling off the dope and as I did my mind couldn’t help but drift off into the events that happened two nights ago. I felt some strange connection with the people I ran into that night, especially…what was her name…Helena. I kept glancing around the club thinking that I might see her and the bobbed girl, but knew better than to believe they’d ever be in a human club. Although I did first see Helena in a human park so maybe she would enjoy this place. For once she’d be away from angels and maybe she likes it better that way like I do.

            When the weed was gone I began selling the Vicodin pills and people quickly bought those off of me as well. A couple girls offered a night with them instead of cash to pay for the drugs, but as much as random companionship was tempting, I needed the cash to basically survive in my apartment. I kindly would tell them cash only and they would press harder, the angel in me clearly working its charms on them. It was like they could all sense there was something different about me but they couldn’t figure out what exactly. I laughed inwardly at their desperation to get their hands on me, knowing I’d much rather be alone.

Once I sold everything I began walking around the club to see what everyone had to offer me. Not many people were selling tonight which is why I probably must have sold out so quickly. I bought a couple of drinks and was already beginning to feel a bit fuzzy when one man approached me and offered me pills. He didn’t tell me what it was but described it as a high similar to weed. I couldn’t tell if he was human or angel because I was so drunk but I assumed human. So I bought three off of him and immediately popped them into my mouth.

The effects seemed to immediately occur and it was far from any weed I had before. The club was spinning madly and the lights made things seem worse and worse. I stumbled into one of the corners of the club and looked out into the crowd. I swear I saw a girl with auburn hair dancing around in the crowd, but with a shake of my head she was gone. I used the walls to help me prop myself back onto my feet and I stumbled into the bathroom.

It was filthy and none of the stalls were vacant. Two sets of feet were inside one and pleasured moans were erupting from behind the door and the other was simply locked. I looked at myself in the mirror, which continued to spin, and I quickly retched up all the alcohol and pills into the sink. I glanced up at my reflection again and watched it get fainter as I collapsed to the floor and passed out.

The End

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