Tammie - TrainingMature

"Tammie, wake up."

Light against my eyelids as something brushed against my face.


"Tammie, c'mon. We've got to go."

I blinked and yawned, slightly disorientated. Where was I?

Morgan smiled at me, but it wasn't genuine. Then I remembered what had happened.

"C'mon," Morgan repeated. "You fell asleep but they'd only wait for so long. They said we have... uh... training... or something."

"What? I don't want training. I want to go home."

"I know, but we can't."

Sighing, I stood beside her and inspected her face. She seemed fine for the most part, just a little pain showed. I glanced down at her body. She wore a very large shirt in place of her old clothes. The bandage on her leg was only just visible, peaking out from the bottom, and I couldn't see how they'd tended to the injury on her side. The blood and dirt was still dried on both of our bodies, and into my clothes.

"Are you all right?" I asked her, moving her hair aside. It had been undone from its usual plait and hung in slight waves over her left shoulder.

"I'm fine," she lied blatantly. 

"Yeah, me too," I lied in response without even trying to mask it.

We sighed simultaneously.


We were first shown where all the medical stuff went on. It was quite close to the room we had been in. 

There, we were allowed to sponge ourselves clean with cold water which became a murky brown. I helped Morgan clean around her wounds, and the bandages were replaced. She showed pain in moving, but I didn't say anything. I didn't want to bug her about it. 

They told me that I'd have to continue wearing my filthy, tattered dress until they could find something else for me to wear. I would be allowed to wash it the best I could in another bowl of cold, soapless water tonight. 

I would be working with the medics. Mainly I was to be trained to function quickly in emergencies, like how I had to with Morgan. They would teach me how to properly bind injuries etcetera, and not to panic.  

After this was explained, Morgan was taken to combat training. She'd learn how to fight. She went hesitantly, we were both unwilling to be separated, but I assured her quietly that  I'd be OK. If there was anything I'd learnt from all my years living with my family, it was that the default course of action was to do as I was told. 

After she left, one of the medics told me that having my hair around me like I usually did was a risk. There was nothing to tie it up with, so I obediently sat still while it was cut raggedly to my shoulders and my fringe made shorter so that it was out of my eyes.

Morgan would be upset. She loved my hair.

My training would be starting tomorrow, so for the mean time I was put on the duty of cleaning bloodstains from clothes and bandages.

I did so silently. I didn't talk until I saw Morgan again.

I just wanted to go home.

The End

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