I was in the living room playing with some of my favorite figurines. They were some of the most well known angels, sort of like super heroes to the young angel child I was, especially a Halfling like myself, “Save them all! Go go go! Wooshhh!”

My playing was interrupted by my parents talking in the kitchen, “Vero, I don’t understand why you’re so unhappy anymore. You have a beautiful home, plenty of money, and a beautiful family.”

“It’s not a perfect family anymore.”

“What are you talking about? Look at your son! He’s beautiful!”

“He has human blood running through his veins. He’s bullied at school for it! What kind of perfect son gets bullied at school?”

“I-I don’t understand. The human in him and me has never been an issue for you before. Our love was always enough for you.”

“Well it’s not enough Carolyn.”

My father walked out of the kitchen and I immediately bounded for him and smiled, “Daddy! Do you want to play?”

“No Jasper,” He sternly answered, “No get out of my way.”

My face fell, “But-but why daddy?” I clung to his leg and looked up at him, “I wanna play.”

“I want to leave you.”

“W-What? B-But I love you.”

“Yes but I don’t love you Jasper. Who could ever love a disgusting mistake like yourself? Now get off of me!” My father pushed me off of his leg and I fell to the floor. My mother was there to catch me though and she exclaimed, “Vero how could you say that to your own son?!”

“Very easily Carolyn. Don’t expect me for dinner tonight,” and with a slam of the front door, my father was gone. I turned to face my mother and saw tears streaming down her face. Confused, I reached up and touched one of the tears, “Mommy?”


I shot awake from the nightmare of my past and was surprised to see my apartment. How did I get back? Romulus’ gang must have known where I lived and carried my unconscious body back here. I sat up and immediately groaned and wished I hadn’t. My body was extremely sore from the fight and from the run I had to do. I hobbled to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and winced from how awful I looked. My lip was swollen and my cheek, jaw, and eye on the left side of my face were all horribly bruised. I opened the medicine cabinet and rummaged through until I found some Vicodin I bought off a street dealer. I knocked two down before I dragged myself out of the bathroom. I picked my camera up and set it on the tripod and turned the timer on and took a seat in a chair in the camera’s shot. It was slightly narcissitic to take a photo of myself, but the bruising was a work of art in its own perverse way. I quickly called off of work and laid back in my bed waiting for the pain medication to kick in.

I couldn’t fall asleep though because my mind was too busy whirring with too many unanswered questions. What did Romulus want from me? And why did he make me do that horrible run? Is he also the reason why I was beaten to a pulp that night as well? And how did he know about my mother? And he seemed fascinated with my lineage. So why why why? Did he summon anyone else? Was I ever going to have my questions answered?

Why did he summon me?

The End

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