Morgan - WakingMature

"I'm sorry, Morgan, I'm so so sorry" someone said to me but I felt to lost within the murky darkness that clung onto me.

It felt like only seconds had past yet also days. I couldn't feel the time only the cold icy fingers curling round my heart then the sudden rush of blood as it started to pound quicker. I felt a body curl around mine. A familiar body I knew so well. Oh, Tammie. Why was she here?

"What do you say, doc?" a voice asked.

"She will live" another replied before I could tie the first voice to a face. I felt my body lifted and heard Tammie cry out.

"Where are you taking her?" she whispered seeming so scared. How dare these people scare my girl?

A small chuckle. "Oh, you're coming to" the person said and the way he said it made me want to rip his head off. I was about to try at wake up to do that when a wave of pain went through me as the person holding me moved. I blacked out the darkness curling around me all over again.

When I woke up I was in a seriously bright room. I could barely see as I tried to open my eyes against it. "Morgan?" said Tammie's uncertain voice. "Oh Morgan!"

Her arms wrapped around me as I got one eye open seeing a makeshift hospital room in a... a cave. "Wh... a.... we?" I tried so hard to talk but my throat was so dry. Tammie pulled back and I saw her tear stained face. She wiped them away and grabbed a bottle off water.

She took the lid off and helped me drink. "We're at the rebel hide out" she got out through her tears. "T-They said we're the first to be brought here. Morgan, why are they doing this?"

I wanted to answer her but even with my thirst gone I still felt tired. Looking at her I saw blood soaking her. It wasn't her own. I looked down at me and saw a tore bit of her clothing round my leg. "What happened?" I croaked.

"They... They made me.... You were going to die and they wouldn't help. I..." she tried to get out the words through her tears. I felt my hands clench into fists.

"No one hurts my girl" I said trying to sit up.

"No, Morgan. You're hurt. Look, I'm okay"

I frowned at her. "You aren't, Tammie. You're terrified. You're shaken up and need some sleep yourself" I mutter rubbing my thumb under her eyes to wipe away the tears.

"I'm okay"

I didn't reply. I don't believe you, Tammie.

The End

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