Morgan - The TrialMature

I felt broken. Like Tammie had torn out on my heart and trod on it repetitively. Didn't she understand? If she stayed here she'd be safe. Kye couldn't harm her so long as she stayed away. A few days had passed. Dark lonely days locked away in my room. My phone buzzing with calls and text. Non of which I answered.

Soon, I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed a bag from my cupboard and shoved clothes in moving to the window.

"Where are you going?" 

I froze turning to look at my sisters. "I'm going away"


"Because I hate being stuck here" I whisper feeling guilty leaving them here.

Riley and Kylie stared at me with their wide innocent eyes. Finding it hard I slowly turned my back and slide out the window climbing down. I knew they wouldn't understand now but they would eventually when mother and father started getting tough on them. When they fell in love and had their heart broken for the first time. I went to my bike and stroked the seat. 

Thinking it over I left it wandering along. I reached the end of my road and looked back. Did I really want to do this? I took a shaky breath and forced the worry out of me. Turning to walk on something came flying at my face.... the lights went out.

My whole body ached when I woke. I was in the middle of the woods with three people around me. One was bound and laying on the floor like me with another figure guarding him. 

The last was stood tall peering down at me it seemed although it was hard to tell through the hood. "Rise" the persons voice commanded.

I scrambled to my feet feeling like this person shouldn't be angered. "W-Who are you?"

"Me? You have to ask"


The person laughed. "Yes, that is me" he smiled stepping forward. "And you have been called, Morgan"

"I have no reason to join the rebellion" 

"Oh don't you? What about freedom for your darling Tamara?" he asked watching me tense. He laughed knowing that was something I'd always fight for. "Don't you wish to save her from the cruelties she faced"

"How do you-"

"I know everything" 

"Impossible" I say not believing him but the way he rocked back on his heels so arrogantly made me question. 

"Not really. Just having eyes in the right place" he hummed striding over to his friend. "Enough of that. It is time for your trial"


"To see if you are fit to join the rebellion"

"But I-" 

"Release the man" Romulus said moving back towards the thicker trees. "Hopefully you survive"

"What?" I whisper watching the other man unbind the human and leave to. I watched the man as he rolled his muscles then looked up at me a grin spreading across his face. It wasn't a nice grin.

He licked his lip. "You look very beautiful" he said with a little bit of a purr. He started towards me. I moved back. He walked quicker so did I.

I panicked and ran. The man came after me and he was fast. He tackled me and we went rolling across the ground. Something cut into my side and made me scream. Suddenly I was under the man his hand closed around my throat. I struggled scratching at his hand looking down at my side which was where I saw his other hand round a blade stabbed into my side.

I tossed my body throwing the man off. I yanked the blade out and turned round on the man who pulled out a second blade. His last one.

He grinned so very darkly. He threw the blade at me and I felt it hit into my leg. My leg buckled and the man ran at me. "No!" I screamed shoving my own blade forward. I heard it slide into the mans chest then watched his eyes widen as they bore into mine.

I swallowed and let go watching him fall. He started to cough on his own blood. I dragged my body back and screamed yanking the knife out.

I fell back and found it very hard to cling on to life.

The End

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