Jasper- Luck or Lack ThereofMature

I was making a decent amount of money, but unfortunately I was suffering as well from competition. Someone else in the club was selling Ecstasy and it seemed like that is what the angels wanted that night. I shuddered, knowing Ecstasy is a drug I would never even think of taking. While it does crazy things for humans, what it does to angels is much much worse. I had heard more than enough horror stories to know to steer clear away from it. I paid for two shots at the bar and quickly knocked them back before strolling around the club, looking for potential customers. Everyone was busy dancing though, understandable considering this was a club, and most didn’t notice me.

A girl around my age ran up to me at that moment. She was fairly scantily clad and her black bob was in disarray and slightly wet from sweat from walking through the crowd of dancers, “Hey!” She yelled to me over the music, “Are you the one dealing the E?” The twinge in my back informed me that she was an angel and I yelled back, “Nah but I do have weed. Good quality. I’ll sell you a twenty sack.”

She shook her head, “Nah man weed is boring. E is where the party is,” She threw her head back and laughed, “Thanks though.”

As she started walking away guilt began running through my veins. She looked too sweet and young with her spray of freckles, almost innocent in a way. She seemed like she was trying much to hard at being bad and rebellious, and people that try too hard usually do not know what life they are actually trying to get themselves into. I quickly reached out and grabbed the girl’s small wrist and pulled her towards me again, “What do you want now?!” She protested.

“Look I don’t really know who you are, but I can assure you, you don’t want to get into the mess Ecstasy causes,” She tried to free herself of my grip but I was too strong for her, “I know you are an angel like me and trust me, E does bad things to us. Please don’t get into that. You really don’t know what you’re dealing with when it comes to that shit.”

“Let me go! Seriously man you don’t fucking know who I am and you’re not my fucking mother!” She kept trying to pull me away but there was something that was making me hold onto her, trying to make her stay with me until she agreed she wouldn’t go looking for it.

“Seriously don’t go looking for the Ecstasy guy okay? That shit is bad!”

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked over my shoulder to see a man far taller than me and far more muscular. The bobbed hair girl took my moment of distraction to pull away from me, but she remained standing where she was, “Are you the E dealer!?”

“Why yes I am missy,” He smiled at her and then turned his attention to me, “Are you trying to take customers away from me weedboy?” He growled. This guy was definitely human and definitely didn’t understand anything about drugs and angels.

“No no no I’m not stealing a customer. She’s just an angel and angels shouldn’t take E. It does shit to them.”

“Yeah and so does every other drug. Look I think you need to take your little pawn shop be-a-better-angel shit somewhere else.”

“No I don’t think you understand-“

The dealer took a step closer to me, “No, I don’t think you understand.”

I had lived long enough in this business to know that a fight was about to happen. A fight that I could tell already that I was going to lose. He was only human, sure, but being an angel could only help me so much.

Bob girl was gone by the time the first punch was thrown. I expected it and easily dodged the blow before responding with a punch to the man’s jaw. The shock reverberated down my arm and I barely had time to recover before he threw another punch towards my stomach which I thankfully avoided, “This is hardly a fair fight wingboy. At that moment two other men grabbed me by either arm and held me still, “We saw you were in the middle of taking care of shit man and we figured you’d need a hand.”

He laughed throatily, “Now it’s a fair fight,” And with that he kneed me in the crotch and I doubled over. With the help of the two other men, I didn’t even have a chance.

I blacked out for a small amount of time and when I woke up I was sitting in the garbage in the dirty alleyway. The garbage smelled horrific, a combination of liquor, vomit, and piss, and I was practically rolling in it. I sat up and felt all of my pockets and swore loudly. They took the remaining weed I had not dealt and the money I made during the night. I knew I would have to produce the money myself now to my dealer and I flopped back down into the trashbags feeling despair at the amount of money I know I now owe. I saw a bottle of tequila laying on the ground and saw that somehow, it was still half full. Smiling at my small amount of luck I had that night, I grabbed the bottle and began to work on finishing it on my vile trash throne.

The End

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