Morgan - SiblingsMature

Tammie lay beneath me her arms looped round my waist while I supported myself up on my elbows. Our lips moved together slowly but surely. I hummed and pressed my body more down into hers. One of my hands moving to sneak under her shirt. Tammie rolled away instantly. I sighed sitting up.

"C'mon, Tammie. We've been together a year now and friends for much longer" I said watching her stay on her side. I shuffled down and spooned her my arms looping tightly round her waist. I put my mouth next to her ear my breath blowing at the strand of hair. "I won't hurt you, Tammie"

"I know, Morgan, but... I'm not ready" she said turning her head to look at me. I looked back at her before pressing my lips down on hers.

The door opened but I was too busy kissing Tammie to notice. "Sissy, we can't sleep" I rolled away from Tammie turning to look at the door where Kylie and Riley stood clutching their teddy's to them with one arm then holding the others hand.

I forced a smile. "I'll come read you a bed time story" I said to them getting up but looking down at Tammie sat up now on the bed her cheeks a little pink. "I'll be right back" I turn walking out following my little sisters into their shared room. 

"We want that one" Riley said running off to grab a book. They then both scrambled into bed. A shared bed I might add. These two hadn't ever left one another's side since birth. Some found it weird while I found it cute.

"Its a one" Kylie began.

"About dragons" Riley finished.

I looked at there smiling faces and felt something stir in my stomach. I knew I was young but one day I wanted my own kids. I wasn't sure about Tammie's thoughts on the matter but that is what I wanted. "Okay" I said perching on the edge of the bed. 

I only got to the second chapter before the twins were asleep limbs curled around one another. I smiled and creeped out of the room back into my own to find Tammie asleep. I changed to my pj's and slid into bed next to her leaning up on my elbows for a few moments. I watched how her lips were parted to take in soft steady breathes then how her fringe fell into her eyes as she slept. 

Quickly I lent down brushing my lips over her jaw. She stirred. "Morgan?" she questioned sleepily.

"Yeah, its me. Just go back to sleep"

"I love you" she mumbled rolling over into me.

My arms slid round her pulling her in close. I buried my face in her neck breathing in her soft scent. "I love you too, Tamara Edwards" I said as my fingers traced down her spine then back up. 

Tammie shivered against me before drifting off back to sleep. I loved her so damn much.

The End

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