Morgan - Get Off HerMature

It was often that I walked Tammie all the way home but it was dark and I had to insist. Yet, Tammie kept protesting. "It's fine, Morgan. Look we're on my street I'll be okay from here"

I frowned at her. "No, I want to make sure you get in. Besides in your families eyes we're just childhood friends" I said smiling at her and kissing her cheek briefly after a quick look up and down the street.

"But, Morgan, I-"

"Well. Well. Well, what's this here?" a male voice slurred. I saw Tammie pale before we both looked towards the lad who I realized to be Tammie's older brother.

"Hey, Kye" I said trying to be friendly while Tammie stood still and quiet next to me. That wasn't really a good reaction to seeing your brother was it. All of this just made me worry more and question even more the source of that bruise.

Kye laughed at me. "Hey, low wings" he said using a vile name for angels in the middle and low classes. I clenched my fists and tried not to snap back which was common of me. I didn't want to start a fight with Tammie's brother. 

"L-Let's just go inside, Kye" Tammie stuttered forcing a smile to me. "I'll see you around, Morgan"

"Pah, like hell you will when I tell father" he said reaching out to grab her. I caught his wrist before he touched her and glared slightly up at him. It didn't matter he was taller though. 

"Don't grab at your sister like that" I said coldly putting myself in the way of Tammie.

Kye's face turned furious and he yanked his hand back trying to hit out at me. "She's my sister you can't tell me what to do" he yelled. I caught his fist then twisted his arm watching him howl out like a defenseless mutt. I shoved him away. I turned to look at Tammie. She was shaking scared.

"You're coming home with me" I said.

"Oh no she's not!" her brother yelled.

"Yes, she is or do you want a broken wrist, asshole" I said putting my arm around Tammie as I stared her brother down for a few moments. He clutched at her wounded wrist and spat before storming off.

"Morgan, I should go-"

"Is this what you've been hiding from me? Abuse?" I say taking her face between my hands. "God, Tammie, you should have told me. I could have got you out sooner"

"Morgan, my father's going to-"

"I don't care. If there is any good reason to rebel against the council its to protect the girl I love" I tell her before kissing her not caring about checking up and down the street. Tammie squirms and I pull back. "Come on. You're coming to mine. Don't argue"

She bite her lip. "But, Morgan, my fathers going to be furious and-"

"And I'm not letting anyone lay another finger on you" I say leaning to kiss the bruise which I now knew the truth of. I took Tammie's hand and led her back down the street. 

The End

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