Morgan - WorryMature

"What are we going to do?" I muttered worried. Tammie bit on her lip and again I glanced at her bruise. No way was that from a slip in a bath tub but I wasn't going to push her to tell me where it came from. "Lets just leave it" I said tucking the phone away in my pocket and standing up. "We have a party after all"

Tammie grinned at me nervously and I took her hand pulling her up. I led her along feeling her a little bit worried about holding hands. It was a angel area after all. We reached the club and apparently something had taken off. A man was yelling at this girl which from the similarities I took to be his daughter. There was also a boy there maybe a boyfriend to the girl. Maybe that was why they were squabbling. I sighed and looked around for my friend who had invited us here.

"Where are they?" Tammie asked looking around. 

"They better not have jumped clubs" I said annoyed pulling her out and a little down the road before calling up my friend. "Where the hell are you, Garak?"

"We're... at the..... only..... not far" his voice came through. I pulled my phone away from my ear checking the signal.

"You're breaking up" I told him.

"Just..... over...... see you...." he then hung up. I glared down at the phone annoyed he'd just hung up without making sure I'd heard him. I tucked my phone away in my pocket and looked at Tammie.

She was stood patiently. I walked up to her and pushed some hair behind her ear. "I don't know where they've gone" I muttered kissing her jaw softly.

"Sh-Shall we go look for them then?" she asked.

"Maybe we should spend time alone for once"

"Morgan, we always spend time alone"

I looked at her right into her chocolate brown eyes. "Not properly. How about we go to the park?"

"It will be closed"

"Then we will sneak in"

"Morgan-" I shut her up with a hard press of my lips to hers encircling my arms round her waist. Our bodies fit perfectly together and I always found that odd. Tammie shivered under the heat of my kiss. I rarely kissed her like this cause we never had the chance. Eventually she pushed me back her breathing as wild as her wind swept hair. I grinned at her. "So, um, the park"

"Glad I convinced you" I whispered nuzzling her neck. I just needed some time with her. Some long intimate moments instead of some rowdy angel teen party.

The End

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