Jasper- The Girl and the AlleyMature

I walked out of the newspaper company with my paycheck of about three hundred dollars for the week. It wasn’t much but it was certainly enough for me to get by. Plus when the newspaper was paying for my film and other photography stuff, it was a pretty good deal.

With the free time I had I went straight to the town’s park to try and see what good shots I could find today. All I could really find were birds and trees and basic things, not nearly good enough to waste film on. There was a nice reflection on the water that I immediately took a shot of but otherwise it was turning into a bland day.

The scars on my back twitched at that moment and I turned to see a girl. The scars twitching let me know that she was like me as well: an angel. But she didn’t exactly look like the other angels I’ve seen around town. First of all, as the more human part of town, few angels would even bother spending their time in this “dump of a park” as they would see it. A flicker of anger hit me when I thought of how pretentious the elders and other angels tended to be. My father is one of them, I thought, He was so uppity he just felt like he could leave my mother and I. A woman he loved. A son he loved. None of them would step foot in this part of town, so what is this woman doing here?

She looked up at that moment, over the horizon, looking past me and probably past this whole park, and I gave a little gasp. Her beautiful green eyes were noticeable even from the distance I was at and they seemed so full of mystery, especially at how she seemed to be somewhere else at the time. Her auburn hair was up in a ponytail but a couple of rebellious strands had fallen out of the hair tie and were blowing gently around her face. The scene was perfect and I quickly prepared my camera for the shot

The click of the camera was caught in her extra-sensitive ears and she immediately whipped her head around and looked at me. She too sensed that I was the same being that she was and with a scowl she grabbed the saddlebag next to her and stood up and began to storm off.

Something came over me at that moment and I shouted, “Wait! Don’t leave just yet! I’m just a photographer!” I began chasing after her but somehow she was much too fast for me, “What’s your name?! I’m sorry I startled you!”

She turned down a corner alleyway and I kept shouting, “Look I’m the same thing that you are so please just wait! I just want to know your name!” When I turned down the same alleyway as her, I halted to a stop.

She somehow vanished in the alleyway: too fast for me seeing as I’m not naturally very athletic. Those eyes those, those eyes of her, there was such a mystery to them that I was desperate to discover. My mind drifted off to how they appeared in the sunlight in the park.

And my mind was brought back when I noticed that I was not alone in the alleyway. A cloaked figure stood before me and he spoke in a deep voice, “Jasper Thorn?”

“Yes, what do you want from me?” I tried to sound bigger but I was admittedly a little frightened of what this person was and what he wanted. After all, I was in a shady alleyway in a shady town. Although it was only the afternoon things still happened to people in places like this. The figure threw something at me and it clattered to the dirty ground. I bent over to pick it up and when I straightened the figure was gone, “Strange ass shit going on here,” I murmured to myself. I looked at what I picked up: a phone. When I pressed a button the lock screen came on and it read:

You have been summoned –Romulus

The End

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