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"You are not going to that party young lady!" my father roared as he thumped his fist again on the door. I ignored him continuing to put on my make up but a sudden bang of my fathers fist on my floor made my hand jump. 

After correcting it I stormed up to the door and opened it. "Yes, I am and you can't do anything about it"

My father raised his hand as if to hit my but he just stood there like that. The never ending expectation of a blow that wouldn't come. I could see Riley and Kylie poking their heads out of their shared room. My little sisters eyes wide in shock. "Morgan Wilson...." my fathers voice said trembling with anger. 

I rolled my eyes and slammed the door in his face. His yelling continued. He said things like 'this isn't ladylike' and 'I am your father you will listen to me'.

All were pointless. I was going out. Meeting Tammie and then we were going to the party. I finished my makeup then went to the window slide out and dropping down. While it was high that didn't matter. My ghost wings weakening the fall. I reached back and touched the scares through my shirt.

It was so hard to tell who was an angel. Strangely though we could all just tell. I checked my rucksack had Tammie's coat then headed to the front of the house. I turned to look at the house. My father was stood cradling my wailing mother while my little sisters were waving from the top window. I smiled at them then turned to walk off down the road.

I whistled as I walked. It took my about 20 minutes usually to get where I was meeting Tammie today but as I was walking through an alley I heard the following footsteps. I stopped and turned to face whoever was following me. "What do you want?" I said firmly my voice angry.

He was an angel I could sense but he had a hood up shadowing his face. "Morgan Wilson?"

"Whose asking?" I questioned when he threw something at me. I caught it in front of my face and when I pulled my arm back down he was gone. I looked at the object in my hand. A phone. 

Turning it on I started to head towards where I was meant to meet Tammie to go to the party. Then I suddenly stopped cause when the phone turned on the lock screen was all I could see and the background was set with a screen of words. 

'You have been called ~ Romulus'

The End

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