Claire Emma AndersonMature

"Where's Alex?" I asked Liam as he walked back over to me, his shoulders hunched.  He looked disappointed.  Naturally, I thought.  He didn't even need to answer; I knew Alex a little too well...yes, I had a little tiny bitty crush on him, but who in their right or even wrong minds didn't?  

Liam finally came back close enough so I could smell the alcohol on his breath again, and I smirked.  He curled his lip as I looked up at him, feeling much like a tiny puppy.  He jerked his thumb back to upstairs, where Alex's dad's office was and waved me along.  He knew I'd want to go, and I was happy that he didn't say anything.  I looked at the ruby ring on my middle finger and began to question my decision...

On a regular night, I would try to remember where Alex would be...he hated the dancing, but even more than that he hated the swarming blondes...that would be it; the swarming blondes!  I would need to find where a crowd of bimbos were formed in a circle...I would then jog over and smile.  "Hi, Alex," I'd say with a little too much of a squeal.  I would stroll right up to him and place my hand on his thigh the way I know he likes, asking coyly, "Can I talk to you for a minute?"  

He'd be happy to get out of there, what with the butts of jokes being shaken and swayed near him.  "Excuse me, ladies," he would say with a cheeky grin, coming over closer to me.  The girls that were surrounding him would all at me with disdain, checking out my out-of-place outfit, one that would make me look like a frog among swans, to quote Stephen King.  They would all glare after me as Alex would grasp my hand and pull me back to his daddy's office.  "So, how can I help you today?"  He would ask me that so innocently as he would pick me up by my waist and sit me down on the desk.  He would hold up his index finger as he'd close the shades on the window, then use that same finger to push me back to a laying position on the desk.  It was a good thing this room was sound-proof...

Today was different, though.  Today, Alex was already in the office.  I didn't have the searching to do.  I eyed the devil-with-a-halo tattoo on my forearm with a smile, reaching out for the door handle and knocking on the door itself with the other hand.  I clasped my palm around the handle and tried to turn it, but...what?  Alex had locked it?  I knocked once, whispering, "Alex?"  What was he doing in there?  

"Hmm?" he called, and even that was weird.  He never said hmm..."Whooo eez et?"  He was slurring.  Badly.  Was Alex drunk?  I grabbed the spare key out of my pocket and unlocked the door, then stepped in with a gasp.  

Sitting atop his desk, naked except for a bow tie and socks, with his ankles crossed was Alex.  He had a smile across his red face, and he bent his index finger to me in a, "Come hither," sort of way.  I was suddenly very scared, and I didn't know why, but the scars on my back started to twinge.  


The End

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