Morgan WilsonMature

I ran down the stairs quickly feeling my mother's presence behind me following as I reached the bottom. I grabbed my boots, my gorgeous Dr Marten Triumph 1914 boots, and tugged them on before standing up to grab my coat. I was late so Tammie was probably worrying her head off by now. I checked my watch. Five minutes pass two o'clock. Why did I take an extra few minutes in the shower?

Sighing I pulled on my coat feeling the black material slide over my arms. "Where are you going, dear?" My mother asked her voice suspicious.

"No where" I said checking through my bag one last time. Yep, got everything. Keys. Purse. Phone. In fact I quickly checked my phone. Not a text from Tammie yet. I headed towards the door but my mother stepped in my way.

"If you're not going anywhere why are you wearing your boots and a coat? Why do you have you bag?"

I rolled my eyes at my ever insisting mother who's face went stony at my 'rude' action I just did. Rolling your eyes was rude it was sarcastic. Besides freedom of speech and all that. "Its not that I'm going no where mother. I'm just going no where of interest to you"

"And why is that?" she pressed making my veins burn with anger. I grit my teeth and barged passed her hearing her gasp. I didn't care and just headed out the door walking down the path to the front gate then out onto the street where my baby waited. Parts of black metal shone and I ran my fingers over the seat before straddling it. I looked back to my house where my mother stood in the door her face stony. I shook my head and reached round for my helmet which underneath sat Tammie's. I chuckled and slid on the helmet over my long brown hair which was braided as usual.

Revving the engine once to irritate my mother I set off. I liked the feel the engine under me. I felt like I had a power I didn't. Reaching the cafe I parked up making sure to lock the helmet box correctly before striding into the cafe. I looked around and frowned. Tammie wasn't anywhere. I walked to our usual table and sat down. Where was she?

She couldn't be late. "Can I get you anything?" the waitress asked. I looked up at her and saw eyes thickly lined with eyeliner and lashes so heavy with mascara. It made her look like a raccoon. I looked away and plucked  menu from the center of the table flicking through it. I knew I was going to order the same thing I always did but it was a habit to check first in case something tickled my fancy. The waitress stood tapping her foot in wait as I took a while to scan through the menu.

"I'll have a chocolate milkshake and then a cheese burger with fries please" I smiled at her then watched her quickly scribble it down before walking away to fetch up the order. I leant back in my seat. Tammie hadn't been late ever not from the first day I met her.....


"Oh, Mr Edwards" my mother said turning me to face a man stood with a young boy then a girl about my age. 

"Mrs Wilson, yes? So this must be Harry's little Morgan" the man laughed peering down at me. I hated been looked down on so lifted my chin looking straight back. "Good spirit she seems to have. Tammie. Why not go play with the girl?"

The girl nodded and walked off towards the ground without waiting for me. "Hey!" I complained even though my long legs caught up with her easy. She looked my age but she sure was short. Tammie, as her father had called her, looked up at me. "Why you run off without me?" I couldn't help but pout. 

Tammie smiled nervously. "Sorry" she whispered. 

"It's okay. Oo, I wanna go on the slide!" I said my eyes lighting up at the sight of it. I grabbed Tammie's hand tugging her towards the slide.

"B-But that's the big kids slide"

"Chicken" I teased. "C'mon. It doesn't matter" 

I turned to look at her and for a long while Tammie looked back at me before finally nodding. I'd never had so much fun at the park more than I did that day.


I opened my eyes and looked up as the door opened seeing a disheveled Tammie. She looked over and met my eyes. She smiled awkwardly and walked over. "Sorry.. I'm late" she got out sounding a bit breathless. I shook my head and got up to wrap my arms round her tiny frame burying my head in her neck.

"I've missed you" I whisper.

I pulled back just in time to see Tammie's cheeks turn a little pink. "Me too. Sorry, so much has been going on. I've not had any chance to get out" she laughs.

"Well, school starts again soon and we're both taking Art maybe we will be in the same class" I said hopefully. 

Tammie nodded moving us so we sat down next to each other. "Hopefully" she smiled at me. I ran my eyes over her face. Something was wrong but I'd wait for her to tell me. She usually did. Instead I leant in and kiss her. A soft kiss because really we were in public. 

Pulling back I glanced around a little. No one here seemed to care. Although, this was on the human side of town. They were more open to homosexuality then my kind. "I ordered. I hope you don't mind"

She shakes her head. "No but the reason I'm late is cause I was with my father and an emergency meeting was called" she said her eyes a little wide.

I frowned tapping my fingers on the table as I thought. "An emergency meeting.... why?"

Tammie swallows and was about to tell me when our food arrived. I thanked the waitress and waited as Tammie placed her order much quicker than me. Once the waitress gone she turned to me. "They found Romulus' brother" she whispers real quiet.

"They cause Leonardo?" I said feeling my eyes widen in shock. Tammie nodded fiddling with her nails. I stopped her. "I don't want you to start picking at them again"

She sighed and nicked one of my chips. "It was very scary though. Everyone at the council was either really excited or yelling that keeping him locked up was stupid"

"I agree with the latter. Romulus is going to throw a fit when he finds out" I mutter thinking how the renegade angel could probably kill out the whole council with his small private cult. 

I had thought to join them when a relationship with Tammie had seemed hopeless. Romulus' cult was all about freedom but they went for it in the most violent way from what  I knew.

"Here's your food, miss" the waitress said coming back. I shook myself out of my head and started eating. No need to dwell on such horrible things.

The End

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