Sorcerers, Mages and other Magical Folk

While the majority of humankind is decidedly nonmagical, there are some with quite developed supernatural abilities.  The most common of these fall into two categories: the sorcerers and the mages.  


Sorcerers are humans who were endowed with magical powers by another magical being.  They were not born with their abilities, although they often exhibit a predisposition towards magic before receiving their powers.  Their strength and predilection (in the way of dark or light magic) depends not on their own character but on that of the being that gave them their art.

Mages were born with their powers, which often run in the family.  Generally, the parents of a mage are not magical, for the gift tends to skip one or more generations before manifesting.   Mages only come into being under specific conditions.  Firstly, the parents must both have magical ancestors.  Secondly, the child must be conceived near a magical "spring", a place where magic seeps up to the surface of the earth.  Such places include the Carvil Valley, Waelyngar Bluff, and the city of Sichtir.  Thirdly, the child must be chimeric, meaning that it is a combination of two individuals formed by chance while inside the mother.  For this reason, mages often will have mismatched eyes and other abnormal features.

Other Magical Humans are much less common and range from those with elven or faerie ancestry to those who just happened to be born with it without fulfilling the conditions for classification as a mage.  Also, one must include among these the product of a union of two mages, a powerful being known as a Jrashon.

The End

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