The "Northwestern" Religions

Several religions in the northwestern region-- including the the Kingdom of the Southlands, the Sysaran Empire, Vailee, Dukhanland, West Sysara, Aryclingar, Northolm and Serezlata, as well as the several nations elsewhere in the world colonized by the aforementioned entities, such as Anthen Ilena, Anthen Mreica, and Portu-Oesti--share the same gods.  The majority of these countries are officially Rezynite, believing that Rezyn, god of the hunt, ascended to the throne of the gods on June 14 during the year they call 0, A.R.

Northolm and Dukhanland, however, are majority Celeanist, primarily worshipping the goddess of war and beauty, Celeana.  Celeanists are generally less religious than Rezynites.  West Sysara, while officially Rezynite, has a sizable Celeanist minority, thanks to the many times it has been conquered by Northolm.  Their calendar begins at Celeana's supposed birth (0, C.N.).  0, A.R. is 1347, C.N.

Present throughout the region is a small, widely persecuted minority sect, the Elneists, whose beliefs predate Rezynism and Celeanism.  They continue to worship Elnias, god of the night, who, in the lore of the other popular religions, was cast down to earth by Rezyn.  Rezyn, however, did not immediately succeed him.

Another ancient but still present religion is Coronism.  Followers pray to the Three Queens of Time, Viviane, Moriba and Mortua.

The End

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