At the beginning of time, when the world was new, there were only two sorts of creature:  those created by Viviane, the First Queen of Time, living things that must one day die, and those created by Mortua, the Third Queen of Time, dead things that must one day cease existing.  Therefore, the world was balanced.

But Moriba, Second Queen of Time, was jealous.  She wanted creatures to call her own.  So she stole a handful of the material of Life, another of the material of Death, and mixed them with the blood of a god.  From this concoction, she created four immortal beings which were neither living nor dead: the demons.  Four terrible monsters they were, and she set them down amongst the living with one task: to cause fear and misery.


Moriba's Demons:

  • Sangr is the father of the vampires.  While any vampire can kill a human, only Sangr's bite can turn one.  Moriba made him in the shape of a human, so he easily blends in.  Unlike the rest of the vampires, his "children", Sangr cannot be slain by any method and is entirely able to walk in the sun.  Garlic does not bother him particularly, nor do religious symbols.  Some protective charms are effective against him, however.
  • Lyca is the mother of the werewolves.  Unlike in the case of vampires, any werewolf can turn a human; even so, it is her bite that is most effective.  She remains permanently in wolf form, regardless of the phase of the moon.
  • Necru wanders burial grounds and takes pleasure in reanimating corpses.
  • Jhra is the most mysterious of the demons.  It has no known gender or physical appearance (it seems to be invisible), and often does not make itself evident for centuries at a time.  When it is active, though, it enjoys slaughtering people and animals in the most gruesome of manners, and on occasion, it has been known to possess other beings.

Note:  Sometimes Elnias is considered a demon, but most often he is labeled a fallen god.  While he shares some demonic traits, he was not created by Moriba, nor is he expressly evil.

The End

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