The Sysaran Empire

North of the Kingdom of the Southlands and south of Serezlata lies the vast and largely uninhabited Sysaran Empire.  It consists of five distinct regions--the Plains, the Lowlands, the Highlands, the Stepplands, and the Isles.  Each has its own language, although most of them are closely related, but the official governmental tongue is nearly the same as that used in the Southlands and West Sysara.  Its capital, Iliathor, is located near the border between the Highlands and the Lowlands.


Important Cities:

  • Iliathor, as previously mentioned, is the capital city of the Sysaran Empire.  It was founded circa the year 96 A.R. by Iliath IX, the last king of Sysara.  The city is built on a mountain, and it is difficult to discern from afar where the land's natural formation ends and human structures begin.  Iliathor as a whole is considered one of the greatest architectural marvels of the world.
  • Morna-ca, located in the Plains region, is an ancient and no-longer-inhabited city-state.  It fell to the armies of another city-state, Sichtir (now part of the Stepplands), in the year 1568, B.R., in a battle chronicled in the Ballad of Jhame, an excerpt of which goes as follows:

On the Shores of the Sea of Sysara
 On the edge of the Golden Plains
 Sat the little city of Morna-ca
 Where no one now remains.

One day from the far-north Stepplands came
An army grand and strong,
But as they marched to make their claim
they heard voices raised in song:

"Our thanks to thee, Great Morna-ca,
Where the fields are e'er fair,                                                                                  Where the skies are blue and the streams are clear,
And Summer is in the air."

Morna-ca did quickly fall
It burned down to the ground;                                                                              But then the victors, one and all,                                                                           Did hear this ghostly sound:

"Our thanks to thee, Great Morna-ca,
We bid to thee farewell.
But when thy greatness is restored,                                                        remember to whom you fell."

  • An Kitean is a small city in the Lowlands.  It was the burying place for hundreds of ancient kings and queens and is rumored to be extremely haunted.
  • Inbhir Kirie is situated where the River Kirie meets the Myrel Sea.  It is a major port and is the primary commercial-industrial city in the Empire.  It rains, on average, for more than three hundred days out of a year.  
  • Rionnag is a strategically important town in the western Highlands.  Countless battles have been fought for it over the centuries of its existence and has been utterly destroyed on several occasions.  It has, however, always been rebuilt.
  • Sichtir is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.  It was established by the first humans to come to the Stepplands, around 8200, B.R., and the descendents of those early people have resided there ever since.  For most of its existence, it was an independent city-state, but it was conquered and absorbed by Serezlata in 984, A.R., along with the rest of the Stepplands.  Later, in 1023, Sysara, under Empress Mythedl, captured the area, and Sichtir became part of the Empire.
The End

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