Historical and Mythological Figures

There is significant overlap in the myths and legends of the Kingdom of the Southlands, the Sysaran Empire and the surrounding region.  Some of them are verifiable historical events while others may or may not have occurred.  Even those in the former category have grown somewhat exaggerated over the years.  (Note: A.R. represents years after the supposed ascension of Rezyn, god of the hunt, to the throne of the gods.  B.R. represents the number of years before this occurrence).


Historical Figures:

  • King Marandur of Carviliet was born circa the year 203, A.R. in the Kingdom of Murkintsen.  He rose to power in the year 226 and united Murkintsen, Magramland and the Barroughthens in 235, forming the Kingdom of the Southlands.  He ruled until his death in 248, when he was killed in battle in the country of Vailee.  Despite centuries of searching and many rumored discoveries, his remains have never been found.  Also, the location of his famed castle, Carviliet, has been lost to time.
  • Reymu was a Magram prince who was probably born around the year 1520, B.R. in the city of Moribinu (present day Waelyngar).  As the legend goes, on the morning of his birth, a great black cloud swept over Magramland from the north, blocking out the sunlight and causing terrible famine.  The cloud lingered for many years, casting the kingdom into perpetual darkness.  At twelve years of age, Reymu set out to clear his cursed name, and with the help of a Sysaran witch named Scarlet and a shape-shifting creature called the Jrashon, he was able to banish the darkness and save his kingdom.
  • Brysailion founded the city of Brysail in the ninth century, B.R.  His bones are displayed in an open crypt beneath the offices of the Lord Mayor.
  • Empress Mythedl of Sysara led the empire to victory during the Myrel War, capturing the Stepplands from its hostile neighbor, Serezlata in 1023, A.R.  She also normalized relations with the country of West Sysara, which had recently gained independence from the empire.  She was murdered in 1034, A.R., at the age of 39.

Mythological Figures:

  • Rezyn is at the top of the pantheon of gods worshiped by millions in the Southlands, Sysara, West Sysara, Aryclingar, Vailee, Dukanland, Brytiland, and Serezlata.  He is the god of the hunt, and is said to have the form of a man with the horns of a ram.
  • Erina (or Loreinna) is the goddess of the earth and takes the form of a two-headed snake.
  • Viviane, Moriba and Mortua are the Three Queens of Time.  Viviane is of the Living and wears a crown of flowers and generally nothing else.  Moriba is of the In-Between (or the Living Dead) and wears a crown of iron spikes and is usually garbed in bloody rags.  Mortua, of the Dead, has a crown of bones and wears a funeral shroud.  She carries a scepter topped with a human skull.
  • Elnias is a fallen god, cast from the pantheon by Rezyn (well before Rezyn took the throne) and cursed to wander the land as little more than a shadow.  His shape is of a man with the antlers of a stag.  In some stories, he appears as a messenger for Moriba.
The End

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