Concerning Merpeople

The term Merpeople (also Merfolk or mermaids/mermen) may apply to either one of two distinct, sea-dwelling species:  Aechyeds (more commonly known as merrows) and Talfins (sirens).


  • Aechyeds are semi-aquatic and omnivorous.  They are closely related to humans, but they live longer (average lifespan: 92 years), grow taller (average height: 7'6) and stronger, and are on average more intelligent.  Aechyeds have greenish skin, pointed ears, and webbed fingers and toes.  Their eyes are either green, purple or indigo, and their hair is generally, but not necessarily, straight and black.  Many captured Aechyeds are made into slaves and sold to pearl farms, and while an Aechyed may live amongst humans, it is not an easy existence.
  • Talfins have the head, arms and torso of a human and the tail of a fish.  The species is predominantly female, and they lure their prey (human sailors) into the water with their seductive singing.  Talfins, unlike Aechyeds, are incapable of human speech and cannot travel on land, on account of their lack of legs.  Coloration varies by region and climate.
The End

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