The Kingdom of the Southlands

I thought I might give a bit of background for the world in which most of my stories are set, including descriptions of places and frequently-appearing characters. No need to read the pages in order or anything, so go ahead and skip around.

The Kingdom of the Southlands consists of three smaller entities--Magramland, Murkintsen and the Barroughthens--which were united under one banner by King Marandur of Carviliet.  Its capital, Brysail, is located in the south of the kingdom, on the banks of the Murkintir River.  Its second largest city is Waelyngar, recognizable by its magnificent marble tower, part of the citadel that once guarded the city.  Waelyngar, which sits on a bluff, was once the capital of Magramland, and is built in the footprint of the ancient city of Moribinu.


  • Magramland, or Madaramthiel, was originally inhabited by a semi-magical race related to elves.  When humans came into the land, these people migrated into the mountains in the north and south and became known as goblins.  More on these species and others will appear in later pages.  Magramland occupies the northwestern portion of the kingdom, bordering the Antimonic Ocean on one side and the Sysaran Empire on the other.  Much of Magramland is forested, although a significant portion of it lies on the Golden Plains.  It is the least populous of the three regions of the kingdom, and its economy is based upon mining.
  • Murkintsen occupies the southern part of the Kingdom of the Southlands.  Most of its population resides along the coastline of the Pendient Sea or along the Murkintir River.  It is the most densely populated and wealthiest region, with an economy dependent upon shipping, fishing, and the pearl industry.  Near its border with Magramland is located the Carvil Valley, where the castle Carviliet once stood, near the present location of Edmund Manor.
  • The Barroughthens is a region made up primarily of swamps and farmland, located in the northeast of the kingdom.  Its largest city is Boardbarrow (also occasionally spelled Boardbarrough) and agriculture is its primary industry.  Most inhabitants live on farms or in small villages, and cattle and sheep outnumber humans by a significant margin.
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