A World Of Perfection?Mature

This was something that came to my attention when I was pretending to be watching the news last night (I hate the news - it's the only thing more depressing than my writing). There was a piece about how it should be a law in Ireland to display on menus how many calories were in each item. My first thought was "I hate the news."

Then, my thoughts turned to what I learned in history-class years ago about the whole 'Hitler-blonde-hair-blue-eyes' thing and how shocked everyone in the class was. But the fashion industry and media are doing more or less the same thing, and not many people notice or give a damn!

To go into detail, they are trying to create a world of skeletal, blonde, fake-tanned creatures, much like the 'people with blonde hair and blue eyes' thing that happened a long time ago. When people read about that as teenagers in a history class, they are shocked. But sooner or later they dye their hair blonde and starve themselves like 'the pretty girls in the magazines.'

Sorry, that was a weird rant, but I felt like I had to say it.

The End

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