Who You Are: Conformity, Non-Conformity, OpinionsMature

Lately, a weird question I've been asked is "So, do you like, look up what the fashions are at the moment and do, like, the opposite?" The answer to that would be no. I'm not for starting a punk rebellion. I think that if 'conforming' to what everybody else is doing is what you want to do, then technically speaking, that's more 'being-yourself' than rebelling against things because all the rock-singers are doing it. I realise that I didn't phrase that very well, but I'm trying here.

So, for another point, let's say that everybody is reading a certain book and I read it as well, because I want to, not because I'm trying to fit in. Let's just say that I happen to really like that book, and so does everyone else. I'm not going to say "Oh, everybody else likes this book, so I'll say I hate it just to be different."

So I don't rebel against fashions or anything. I don't buy/wear something just because everybody else is doing it (I don't know the fashions anyway - I HATE clothes-shopping and the only magazine I've bought in the last couple of monthes is one issue of Kerrang! today. That's heavy-metal so it doesn't count :)) If I like something that's in fashion, I'm not going to say I hate it for the sake of non-conformity if I really love it.

So, that's my conformity rant for today. I admire the bravery of those of you still reading these entries =)

The End

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