Too Sensitive Or Not Sensitive Enough?Mature

Though you may find this extremely hard to believe, I am generally quite sensitive in a lot of ways. I wasn't very confident for most of my life. I can normally tell when people are sad or having a rough time, even if they try to hide it, but here's my problem; I am afraid to ask people if they're okay, in case they don't want to be asked (because personally when I'm feeling depressed about something, I prefer to be left alone).  It's mainly because I do not want to seem all 'psychologist.' I come across as not caring when I actually do care about someone or something.

I cannot figure out if this is because I am not sensitive enough or because I overthink things (On occasions I take deep-thinking to a whole new level!). Does it happen to anyone else, or do they just say what they're thinking? I don't know.

The End

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