A Typical ConversationMature

"Hi! You're Kathy, aren't you?"


"Hey, why haven't I seen you on FaceBook? I looked you up a few times!"

"Sorry, I'm not actually on FaceBook. Or Twitter. Or anything else along that line."

"OMG! Why don't you have a FaceBook page?" (thinks about how much fun she'll have telling everyone on FaceBook that Kathy doesn't have a FaceBook page.)

"I just don't. The idea never appealed to me." (Thinks "Maybe I just don't want a fucking FaceBook page.)

"Try Twitter. You'd love it!"

"Yeah, maybe." (Not gonna happen, 140 characters isn't enough to work with. And it's stupid)

"Okay then. So I'll look you up on - oh wait, I forgot. So sorry." (said as if she made a joke about death in front of someone whose mother just died. Thinks "The poor, innocent young girl doesn't realize that I will never talk to her again. I might be contaminated by independent thinking!"

"Bye." (No bitch, I will not start social-networking.)

and that concludes today's addition to 'stupid conversation!"

The End

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