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So things have been said over the years like "So you're Irish, is it true that you all live on farms here?" to which I reply with something stupid like "So you're from Texas, is it true they shoot Atheists there?" or something equally horrible.

Why do people (mainly Americans - so sorry Americans. 99.9 percent of you are brilliant) stereotype the Irish as "Red-haired, green-eyed, top-'o-the-morning' leprechaun-hunters, farmers living in cottages built out of turf." Why? And yes. believe it or not, we do have electricity here (saracasm)

Just for the record, I don't want to offend anyone here, I'm just annoyed about this, and it actually takes quite a lot to annoy me. I know, reading these entries you'll think I have a bad temper, but I'm generally a calm, placid creature. I don't want to hate on America, I think it's a cool country, I'm just saying what I want to say.

One of my ex-friends once said that I am almost a stereotype. Red-brown hair and apparently green-blue eyes. They are more blue-grey, but back to the point.

  • We do not all live on farms, in thatched cottages.
  • Nobody says "Top of the morning"
  • We do not all have red hair and green eyes.
  • We do not all listen to 'traditional' irish music.
  • I can hardly speak two lines of Irish. I speak more French and German than Irish.
  • We don't hang out at 'Ceili's (can't spell that - went to one at school once - not an experience that I wish to repeat)
  • Our cows aren't magic. We don't have any leprechauns.

If you think about it, saying that all the Irish are farmers is like saying that all Americans carry shotguns, or that all the French are artists sitting on street corners, or that all the English have really fancy accents. None of it is completely true.

Thank you very much for your time. Sorry I wasted it.


The End

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