An odd mixture of thoughts went through my head today. Thoughts like "Why the hell am I cutting a picture of a kitten out of this magazine from six years ago?" and "Why does Ireland even have an army if Ireland is never in any wars?" (no insult to Ireland - I'm Irish - it's good not to be in wars - just forget I even said that) which lead to "Who played that hot dude in Captain America?" (the whole 2.3 seconds of it I saw).

Then for some reason, I thought, "Why do people think that black is the opposite of white, vice-versa, if really a colour like sugar-pink is the total opposite? Like when all those people who call themselves Goths wear black, they'd possibly rather wear white than bright, sparkly pink. I don't know, but I did try to 'be a Goth' for about two weeks once. I'd rather have wore white than pink. I rejected anything that could be described as 'cute' or 'girly.'

That was just a weird thought. Sorry to waste your time.

The End

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