Updates From PsychoWorld And Other StuffMature

  •  The next person to call me a Goth dies a slow, painful death.
  • My name-psychology thing (see other chapter) is true - I tested it out!
  • I shall be marking my poetry collection 'The Dark as finished - I didn't quite get to 666 chapters.
  • I am working on my self-discipline issues (see other chapter) and will finish my zombie apocalypse story.
  • Nintendo addiction is currently under control.
  • I might be brave enough to use one of my drawings as my profile picture soon.


Okay, so the drawing-as-a-profile-picture thing mightn't be a big deal to any of you, but it's a huge deal for me. The Nintendo addiction (see chapter "Severely Lacks Self-Discipline? Sounds About Right." if you don't know about that) wasn't as much an 'addiction' as a pastime out of control. Zombie apocalypse story is at page thirty-two. 'The Dark' was supposed to be 666 chapters but they're all beginning to sound the same, like a lot of my work. I secretly tested my name-psychology (see chapter "Name-Psychology) out and it's true! And I mean it about the Goth thing. You're all nice and I don't want to have to kill any of you.......

Okay, so I suppose I should tell you this. I might, maybe upload some of my innocent stories that I wrote whenever I was younger and had just started teaching myself how to write. Seeing as I really don't want to, but a masochistic side of me does want to, and I usually keep my promises, let's take a vote. Can those of you in favour of seeing what my happy-talking-animal-pink-unicorn-glitter stories were like, vote' yes', and those of you who think it's a bad idea vote 'no' in a comment? I'll be disabling the ratings if I do upload them, so that my average-rating statistic isn't wiped out.

So that's it for now. See you all in unicorn-land. Or maybe not.

The End

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