Pet HatesMature

Here are the things I hate the most, I was advised by someone to write them down a while back, so now I will publish that list. Go, run away now if you like pop-music or fashion models. These are in no particular order., just what came to mind first. There were some names but I can't put those, so I replaced them with other things I hate, as there are quite a lot. For now I'll just put top-twenty.

1. Crappy, comercialized pop-music.

2. Romantic-Comedies and Chick-Flicks.

3. Country music.

4. When people tell me 'it could be so much worse' when I'm angry or upset.

5. Designer labels (so complicated).

6. Animal cruelty.

7. Maths.

8. Long division.

9. Conformity.

10. Clothes-shopping.

11. Tea (if I wanted hot water, I would heat water and drink it).

12. Tomatoes (The Enemy)

13. Injections.

14. Wasps.

15. Very, very small spaces (except for my 'depression corner' I doubt you want the whole story, but if you do then let me know.)

16. Models.

17: Chick lit and slush-romance.

18: Falling into deep water (I can't swim).

19: Structure and organisation (CHAOS RULES!!!!)

20. Raisins.

The End

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