Words Make Me Beautiful (An Excercise In Self-Confidence)Mature

I might not be movie-star-beautiful. I might not be media-model-sell-out beautiful. I might not be a living Barbie-Doll. I might not be 99.9 percent plastic-surgery. But words are how I make myself beautiful.

Writing is what lets me take the form of whoever I want to be. Everyone who has called me Ugly will suffer. They will be slowly and painfully tortured under the power of Words. Words banish the unconfident, sad girl. Words summon forth who she wants to be, Herself. Her real self who was locked in the darkest corner of her mind for so long.

Words make people love me. If they see me they are disappointed and all is lost. But when they see my soul, heart and feelings in the writing, looks don't matter. I Will Not Be Afraid, I Will Not Fear. I will not fear the people that dare to care. I will not hurt them. I will not disappoint them.

I dream of things that I will never be brave enough to do. I do things that I will never care to dream of. Nightmares don't faze me any more.

I am a Nobody. I am Alone. I am suicide's living form

I Will Not Sacrifice Myself To Avenge My Emotions.

The End

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