Online Chatroom ParodyMature

DeadGirl98: Whatcha doin'

Destroyer900: Nothin much. Coughed a minute ago. Just thought I'd let you know.

DeadGirl98: Cool. My friend's cousin's neighbour's aunt's goldfish just died.

Destroyer900: Tell me more. You're day seems to be interesting so far.

DeadGirl98: Well, he was off his food this morning. I just contacted the owner on FaceBook and apparently he was just floating on top of his tank when they found him - the fish I mean.

Destroyer900: Wow! I'm really glad you told me that, my day was so boring before you said that. Exept I found a dead spider in the shower. About two-centimetres long, the spider.

DeadGirl98: I just looked that up on Wikipedia, here's the link, you can read up about what kind of spider it was.

Destroyer900: OMG thanks! I just looked at that - did you know it took about two minutes to load that page.

Mrs.Self-Destruct: Both of you are idiots. Go live your pathetic lives, please!

The End

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