Femininity PointsMature

I have never tried to be a tomboy, or whatever else you may call it. I'm just not the girliest of girls. I seriously didn't know the difference between lipgloss and lipstick until a few days ago. Femininity points was a magazine-quiz that someone I know found once and insisted that I try it out. I scored very low. I think the fact that I have long hair was my only redeeming feature in that particular game. I can't remember exactly what it was like but I recall this:

Question 1: Do you wear lipgloss or lipstick?

My Answer: Neither. There's a difference?


Question 2: How long do you spend styling your hair? 10-15 mins, 12-20 mins or over half an hour?

My Answer: two-and-a-half minutes if my hair is tangled, one-and-a-half if not (I had to time myself for that one)


Question 3: Do you have more friends who are guys, or more friends who are girls? Why?

My Answer: Guys, they don't pretend to be friend with someone and then bitch about them the minute they walk away, and they don't make horrible comments or talk about celebrities much.


Question 4: Do you have long hair or short hair? Why?

My Answer: Long, because I hate the taste of hairspray in the air at hairdresser's salons.


That's all I can remember of the quiz. Nobody can ever, ever accuse me of being high-maintennance anyway. The person quizzing me was quite horrified at my score! Other girls find it very weird that my idea of hell is clothes-shopping, I don't idolise models and that I got the lowest possible score above zero, but I think I'm normal for a weirdo. And I know that makes no sense.

The End

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