Name PsychologyMature

I see an emmerging pattern in everday life, concerning my name.

In boring, most-of-the-time situations I am Kathy. i.e "Hello Kathy!"

Affection, praise or endearment I seem to be Kath. i.e "Really cool drawing Kath!"

Asking for favours, advice, money, e.t.c I am usually Kat. i.e "Kat, can you lend me some money, please?" (the answer to that would be no.)

Weird, isn't it? No matter where I am or who I'm talking to, that seems to be the case. I've also been mistaked for people called: Katherine, Cathy, Catherine, Kate, Katie, Kaitlin and several other. There is probably some kind of psychology behind it. Kathy, Kat and Kath I have no problem with, anything else is going to cause serious issues.

I think it's like this -

Kathy: What people have become used to calling me. Mundane as it is, people still use it.

Kat: Much preferred from 'Kathy' or 'Kath' as it sounds cool in comparison. May be used because shortened versions of names sound friendly, and I'm more likely to grant favours or advice after use of that name. Sounds less Irish than 'Kath' which is good. Also takes less time to say or write.

Kath: Because anyone close enough to call me that possibly thinks that 'Kat' sounds too American (U.S.A! U.S.A!)

That is my name-psychology thing. Very boring, I know.


The End

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