Art Class PortraitsMature

Whenever I was younger, we would have to do three drawings a year for art. A landscape, a still-life and a portrait.

In the younger classes I wasn't all that imaginative, so I did the portrait, landscape and still-life the way I was told. But from the age of about ten years old onwards, I started to add mad make-up, piercings and tattoos to my portraits. The landscapes were erupting volcanoes and apocalypse-ravaged lands. The still-life drawings were the usual pots of plants and tables and things, but I made them my own by adding mad colours.

Now I still enjoy art. I am almost over my mild Nintendo-'addiction' which means I am drawing a lot more often. I don't think that you can teach somebody art. You can only improve the skills that they must have. I love art because it is a passion, almost an emotion and there is no right or wrong in art.

The End

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