Technology And MeMature

Some of you may have read "Severely Lacks Self-Discipline? Sounds About Right" which told you of my recent Nintendo addiction (now almost under control). But here's the thing; I HATED everything to do with Nintendos until someone I know got one. Then I had one go at Super Mario and suddenly they were the best.

When, two or three years later I got my own Nintendo, I would play it every now and then, just when I was bored. But when I had a week or two off, the old addiction was back!

Websites: I am not good at websites. It takes me ages to learn how to use a website whenever I join one.

Computers: Once I forgot that I hadn't turned my laptop on, so I was just sitting there staring at the screen, wondering why it wasn't turning on.

Those are a few of my many technology fails.

The End

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